Soroptimist International, Central East Coast Region

Fall Meeting Safari Handouts

The Central East Coast Region Board and Committee Chairs had a terrific time leading you on a virtual learning Safari, exploring the wild side of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. A packed agenda was part of this unforgettable safari expedition. Hover over and click on the lines below to access the materials.

On the Hunt: Your Club Role and Experience

Safari of New Ideas for Your Club

  • The Quest for Treasure: Fundraising
    We recognize that fundraising is not just about seeking donations; it’s about creating connections, telling compelling stories, and making a lasting impact on the world.
  • Finding Your Pack: Membership
    Recruiting and retaining new members requires adaptability, observation, and a sense of adventure, and our discussion will guide you and your club on this journey. We understand that building and retaining a thriving membership base is not just about numbers; it’s about creating valuable connections, fostering loyalty, and ensuring a vibrant and engaged community.
  • Climbing the Public Awareness Mountain
    Navigating the world of public awareness requires creativity, adaptability, and a spirit of adventure. Effectively spreading the word about Soroptimist is not just about communication; it’s about creating meaningful connections, driving change, and making a lasting impact on society.
  • Traversing the Savanna of Programs
    Finding engaging programs and getting Soroptimist’s signature programs (Live Your Dream and Dream It, Be It) off the ground involves teamwork, dedication, and a sense of adventure, and today, we’re all explorers on this meaningful expedition.

Roar with Enthusiasm – Updates and Upcoming Events